Available Clients

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Fractional CFO
We work with early stage brands as their acting CFO to help them grow and scale with confidence. Our playbook has a comprehensive offering that involves building financial models, managing reporting and analytics, preparing cash flow analysis and delivering financial packages. We also act as the liaison between your Founder and Bookkeeper, ensuring all financial statements are prepared accurately in a timely fashion.
Data Analytics
Our analytics offering starts off with us cleansing customer data and feeding it into interactive dashboards in the cloud. This allows instant visibility into all your sales data for the entire team and is extremely easy to use and navigate. Example data sources include Quickbooks, Shopify, Amazon, Distributor Data, Retailers such as WFM, Target, Kroger, Walmart and Wegmans. We also have excel workbooks you can access for all Retailer data.
Deduction Management
We provide an affordable solution to manage deductions from KEHE and UNFI. Our deduction specialists will process every invoice that you receive which involves breaking down the details of every chargeback and then classifying them into your chart of accounts for your bookkeepers. We can add additional tasks around deduction management as your company grows.